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Popmatters: Wonder Woman #600

posted Jul 8, 2010, 7:13 PM by Vu Sleeper

WONDER WOMAN #600 (Jun 2010)

Her Former Glory

Unexpectedly, there is a strange history of Wonder Woman’s publication that emerges with the magnificent, fully formed Wonder Woman #600. Not a chronology mind you, a genealogy of the character in print. The landmark issue runs its course over five short stories, the final of which being prologue to the new creative direction taken by series regular, J. Michael Straczynski. These stories are themselves interspersed with posters drawn by an array of artists, specifically commissioned for this anniversary issue. And the entire issue is introduced by a brief essay written by Lynda Carter, the actor who played the character in the groundbreaking TV show.

But between the short stories and the posters a clear story emerges—the history of Wonder Woman’s treatment at the hands of her creatives. For openers, Gail Simone pens a George Perez-illustrated short called ‘Valedictorian’. Perez is a veteran artist with a longstanding connection to the character. Another DC veteran is Louise Simonson, who later in the book, in ‘Firepower’, unfolds a tale of civil disaster (planes being forced to crash) at the hands of mythical horse-thief. Closing off the book is incoming series regular writer J Michael Straczynski’s ‘Couture Shock’, with artist Don Kramer showcasing Jim Lee’s redesign of the Wonder Woman costume.

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