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R.I.P. F'Murr

posted Apr 10, 2018, 1:19 PM by Vu Nguyen
From Vu

Le Génie des alpages #3
According to ligneclaire, French comics creator F'Murr (aka Richard Peyzaret) has died recently (the news of his death came to light today), he was 72.

F'Murr is most famous for the long-running series Le Génie des alpages (The Genius of the Mountain Pastures)... but also known for his parodies (see Tintin by F'Murr).

April (1)
  • [10 Apr 2018] F'Murr (French comic creator of Le Génie des alpages), 72
  • [08 Apr 2018] Gunnar Persson (Swedish cartoonist for Kronblom), 84

February (1)
  • [12 Feb 2018] Jack Cummins (American former President of  Boom! Studios), 51, flu

January (2)
  • [27 Jan 2018] Mort Walker (American comics artist for Beetle Bailey, Hi and Lois), 94, pneumonia
  • [24 Jan 2018] Jan Steeman (Dutch comics artist for Roel Dijkstra, Noortje), 74