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R.I.P. Stewart Wieck (founder of White Wolf, Inc.)

posted Jun 27, 2017, 5:31 PM by Vu Nguyen

White Wolf co-founder and co-creator of role playing game universe World of Darkness, Stewart Wieck passed away suddenly last week, according to a message from his brother Steve Wieck posted on Tenkar’s Tavern.   Wieck collapsed after a fencing workout and never revived. He was 49.

Stewart Wieck was best known as the publisher, with his brother Steve, of gaming magazine White Wolf beginning in 1985, and as co-owner, with Mark Rein-Hagen, of White Wolf Game Studio, which published the World of Darkness RPGs beginning in 1991.

Comic Book Creators Who Died in 2017
June (9)
  • [23 Jun 2017] Stewart Wieck (founder of White Wolf Inc), 49,
  • [23 Jun 2017] Tommy Castillo (American artist on Detective Comics), 46, kidney failure
  • [15 Jun 2017] John Dalmas (American science fiction writer, author of The Yngling and The Regiment series), 90,  pneumonia
  • [13 Jun 2017] Anita Pallenberg (Italian actress on Barbarella), 73,
  • [12 Jun 2017] Jim Galton (CEO of Marvel Entertainment Group), 92, saved Marvel Comics in 1970s
  • [10 Jun 2017] Malang aka Mauro Santos (Filipino artist, cartoonist for Kosme, the Cop, Retired and Tikoy), 89, lingering illness
  • [09 Jun 2017] Adam West (American actor famous for portraying 1960's Batman, played Mayor West on Family Guy), 88, leukemia
  • [05 Jun 2017] James Vance (American writer on Kings in Disguise from Kitchen Sink Comics), 65, cancer
  • [02 Jun 2017] Peter Sallis (English actor of Wallace and Gromit), 96