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Rumor: George Perez to work on Guardians of the Galaxy

posted Feb 12, 2017, 8:48 PM by Vu Nguyen

Marvel Comics
There is this rumor on 4chan that George Perez will be returning to Marvel to work on Guardians of the Galaxy in late 2017/2018.  This is laughable; there's no way George is returning to Marvel.

With today's convention environment and the freedom that the smaller independent publishers offers, why would someone with George's status ever return to the big two (DC or Marvel)?  Plus this "radical" format is nothing new, DC tried it with Justice League Quarterly and it didn't sell and/or forgettable.



Guardians will be retooled as a quarterly 48 page book. George Perez will be writing and drawing the main strip in the book. The rest of the book will have a rotating creative team doing solo stories with the rest of the team, of which Scottie Young will be doing a Groot/Rocket Raccoon ongoing serial. The justification for this radical shift in format, is that Marvel fears the Guardians have become overexposed and by scaling back to a quarterly book, they think they can boost sales.