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Second print of Love is Love in stores now; first print on its way

posted Dec 30, 2016, 8:37 PM by Vu Nguyen

LOVE IS LOVE (28 Dec 2016)
IDW Publishing
Currently all of the Love is Love books sold in comic book stores are second printing (if you can find a copy).  The first printing will eventually arrive in stores.

All The Copies Of Love Is Love In Stores Are Second Prints – But The First Print Is Still Coming

Posted by Rich Johnston December 30, 2016 

The copies of Love Is Love from DC/IDW that appeared in comic book stores this week all have Second Printing on them. Some people think it’s an error. It’s not. They really are the second print of the anthology, raising money and awareness for the victims and families of the Orlando nightclub shootings earlier this year.

That’s because there was a post-production delay on the first printing of the book. The UPC barcode was misprinted, and needed a sticker adding to every copy. To the extent that the publishers issued a second printing.

But this the second printing turned up early, and got to market before the first print, and filled the orders before the New Year.


But the first print? Still on its way, I understand. As will a third print. Just, you know, not in the order one might expect. Retailers have been told they could return the second printing if they wanted. But seriously, why the hell would they given the demand for any printing right now?