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Some notes from a Conversation With George Perez at Amazing Las Vegas 2019.

posted Jun 22, 2019, 11:19 AM by Vu Nguyen   [ updated Jul 7, 2020, 8:37 PM by Vu Sleeper ]
From Amazing Las Vegas 2019

AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON 2019 (14-16 Jun 2019)
Las Vegas, Nevada
• Starfire's face was based on George Perez's first wife and imagined Starfire as "Red Sonja in Space" (also: "Marilyn Monroe, my first wife, oh gosh, there was a stripper somewhere" from Comics Interview #50)
• Cyborg was based on a young Jim Brown football player.
• Raven was a female Phantom Stranger.. also Raven's soulself was based on Doom Patrol's Negative Man (also: "Raven was Persis Khambatta, the actress who played in the first STAR TREK film, and later became a young lady named Fran MacGregor, who was a dancer, and I used some of her features, particularly her figure, for Raven" from Comics Interview #50)
• George Perez is a fan of Cheyenne Jaz Wise and personally emailed her to let her know he was coming to Las Vegas and wanted a photo with her.
• DC had to re-launch Wonder Woman because they were about to lose the rights to the William Moulton Marston Estate.
• Although DC hired co-plotters (Greg Potter) and dialogue writers (Len Wein), George reiterate that the whole concept, storyline, direction was all George Perez.
• George does not watch any of the Teen Titans cartoons or DC Universe's Titans series, because he felt that he couldn't identify with them, because visually they were not his art.
• George said he feels like a rock star, whenever fans wanted to take selfies with him or asks for autographs.
• Being a "Boy Scout" isn't a bad thing and stands with Superman for doing good for "Goodness' sake".
• When asked for what he's going to do now that he's retired, George Perez said that he'll be supporting his wife with her dancing and will be concentrating on his Fetish / Double Trouble Wrestling videos. He also mentioned that he'll be drawing a Fetish Comic Book, but it might take much longer than regular scheduled comics. He has to draw the art and blow it up on Photoshop to add in extra details on the computer.
• Janette Khan hated the Teen Titans and didn't want to do another TT books... but she gave Marv and George a chance. George only agreed to reboot the Teen Titans with Marv Wolfman because he really wanted a foot in the door to draw JLA. When the sales figures came in for New Teen Titans #3, they were one of the best-selling books. He felt so bad for the other writers and artists that didn't get any special bonuses or royalties, because their books were selling that well (none of DC's books were selling close to NTT).