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Sterilite Large ShowOffs Storage Container is perfect for Modern Age comic books

posted Feb 13, 2018, 6:55 PM by Vu Nguyen   [ updated Feb 13, 2018, 7:04 PM ]
From Vu

After buying all of the Sterilite plastic bins (8 in total) at my local Walmart (I will be driving to other Walmart this week to purchase more), I can tell you more about the Sterilite.

Here are some advantages over the typical cardboard comic boxes:

• It's about the same price or only slightly more than a short cardboard ($6 vs $5-$6)
• It's sturdier, does not bend or tear easily
• Waterproof-ish: as long as standing water is less than 8 inches, your comics will be safe
• Easy to carry (with one hand!)
• See through so you can tell what is in your bin

The only disadvantage I can think of that the Sterilite holds about 30 less comics and is not collapsible (the comic boxes can be flatten if you're not using them).

Here are some answers to your questions:

1. Are they acid-free?

Yes, according to their website: "Our clear (see-through) products are acid-free, and safe for storing photos, fabrics, craft, or hobby items and other keepsakes."

2.  The edges are rounded - is it causing any issues with the bottom corners of your comics?

No, the box is actually slightly larger than a modern comic book, the book does not make contact to the corner.

3. Can the lid handle support the weight when full of comics, though?

Yes, I carried two boxes at a time (one in each hand), the full box is about 16-17 pounds.  However, you must make sure the two side latches are securely latched on. It's sometime really easy to unhook it.

4. Where can I buy this?

Sterilite actually don't have it on their official website.  I bought these bins at Walmart for $5.98 each (prices may varies depending on locations). I have not seen it sold anywhere else, such as Target.

5. How many comics can it hold?

About 120 comics. You can probably squeeze in more if you don't use bags and boards.

6. Are they stack-able?
Yes!  I think they designed them this way. The rounded top fits under the curve of the bottom.

7. Can I get another color, other than "Spicy Lime"?

I have not seen this item in any other color.  The similar blue-latched box are not the same dimensions.

Remember, these Sterilite aren't designed for comics. Hopefully, enough of you guys write in and ask them, maybe they'll design something exclusively for collectors (like 100% waterproof seals) or comic book action panels... or spicy orange.

Additional details:

The Sterilite Large ShowOffs Storage Container
is a great solution for storing, organizing and carrying small items around the home, office, or classroom. Durable latches ensure that the lid remains securely attached to the base, and a comfortable handle helps with sturdy, one-handed carrying. The clear base allows for easy identification of the contents inside. This storage box accommodates letter-size hanging file folders.

• Overall Assembled Size: 14 1/4" x 9 5/8" x 12 1/4"
• Clear base for quick identification of contents
• Durable latches secure the lid to the base
• Comfortable handle for one-handed carrying
• Accommodates letter size hanging file folders