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Story about George Perez at Phoenix Comicon 2007

posted May 15, 2018, 8:14 PM by Vu Nguyen
Kelly W writes:

PHOENIX COMICON 2007 (26-28 Jan 2007)
Phoenix, Arizona
George Perez was the MC at the 1st Annual art auction for Phoenix Comicon 2007. The whole time I was bidding I was asking him to come over and show me pages of art and I was way 2 eager back then.

I didn't realize it was George Perez so when I went to pay for the art and sign off with the guy I had clearly been annoying the hell out of.

He said well you must be a big fan of comic book art I said yes and then I like to draw and he started talking to me about design and layout. And I say ( these words will haunt me for the rest of my life).. oh have you done any work doing comic illustrating? George smiled and said "I've been fortunate enough to be trusted with the care of some of our National Treasures." He smiled. George was giving me a pass.

I remember thinking dang another letterer with an over-inflated ego. I remember smug feeling almost coming over me as I said interesting anything I might have read.. All I got out of his mouth was that he was the illustrator on crisis of infinite Earths and..... at this point my ears started ringing and I realized who he was I couldn't swallow and I begin sweating I was seeing spots for real. I cleared my eyes and realized it was George's shirt. He was super polite and accepted my groveling as true royalty of the convention circuit does.. I walked away humiliated I just needed to go and reevaluate my life.

I'm about 20 feet away from the door ...George calls out... wait wanted to ask you do you always get teary when you win auctions then leave all your art behind?... my walk back to George was physically painful... he simply padded me the art and said if you went through all that just to simply walk away it would have been a shame. I know he was referring to the stuff I bought.

But still I learned something important about humility that day. And I've kind of kept what he said as a mantra for life.
When I want to quit or someone I know just wants to give up. i think.

We went through all this wouldn't it be a shame to just walk away.

George would not approve.