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Swamp Thing, Flash, and one other DC title to join Walmart Giants

posted Sep 12, 2018, 11:14 PM by Vu Sleeper
From Vu

DC Comics
The article goes on about how successful the comics are selling - that's because dealers are buying 20 copies or as many as they can find to resell them.  Of course, it's been selling out.

Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Special, at 100 pages, will ship on Oct. 4 and should be in stores by Oct. 7. An 80-page Walmart DC holiday special edition ships Nov. 8, and should be available in stores by Nov. 11. Each will sell for $4.99.

Then in February, the Flash will join the superhero lineup of regular titles, as well as another character yet to be determined.

"I'm really excited about the program," DiDio said in a recent phone interview from DC's Burbank, Calif., headquarters. Walmart stores are in many communities that don't have a specialty comic book shop, he said, "so it's a great way to get our books into people's hands."