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Teen Titans Games: "Back on the Table Again"

posted Jun 19, 2009, 5:58 PM by Vu Sleeper

Dan DiDio: 20 Answers and 1 Question - 06.17.09
By Matt Brady posted: 17 June 2009 03:50 pm ET

First off, apologies for missing the date a couple of times now. Scheduling, as it gets closer to convention season becomes more and more of a bear, but we should be in good shape to hit our every-other-week schedule from here on out.

As always, thanks to the Newsarama readers for the questions, and keep sending them in (we’ll be asking again next Wednesday) – without your questions, Dan and I would talk about the weather and what we saw on television. Oh, and just one last note before we get rolling – this interview was conducted with Dan prior to the news Monday of the Superman strip from Wednesday Comics appearing in USA Today. We’ll hit him up on that topic shortly.


20. Okay – that’s an issue we could most likely go on and on about forever, but in the interest of time, let’s try to end on an up note...something that was brought up on the thread – a reader said that George Perez had dropped hints that the long-delayed New Teen Titans graphic novel, Games had been the go-ahead for completion. Has that happened, and is George back working on it?

DD: It’s back on the table again. One of the reasons we’re looking at it, like we’re looking at a number of projects involving the Teen Titans next year because we’ll be celebrating an anniversary for the Teen Titans.

But yeah, now that George is o close to wrapping up Legion of 3 Worlds, we’re looking at a number of projects for him that will be his next priority.