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The Beat: DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: July 2011

posted Sep 3, 2011, 8:11 AM by Vu Sleeper

FLASHPOINT #1 (Reis/Perez Cover) (May 2011)

FLASHPOINT #2 (Reis/Perez Cover) (Jun 2011)

FLASHPOINT #3 (Reis/Perez Cover) (Jul 2011)
DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: July 2011
POSTED ON Sep 02 2011 AT 2:57 pm by Marc-Oliver Frisch

Here’s a number for you: Out of 65 DC Universe comic books published in July, 32 were by the writer/artist creative teams listed in the solicitations — less than half of the bunch.

Most of the others were either completely drawn by guest artists or had help from one or more of them. And for a couple, even the story credit changed. Not counting the six DC Retroactive books, the video-game adaptations and the New Wave titles, none of which are involved in the day-to-day of the DC Universe, the strike rate is 22 out of 55. So, presuming that’s not a coincidence, it looks like the big DC relaunch was about 40% well-planned, at this juncture.

See below for the details, and please consider the small print at the end of the column. Thanks to Milton Griepp and for the permission to use their figures. An overview of’s estimates can be found here.


05/2011: Flashpoint #1 of 5 --  86,981         [95,845]
06/2011: Flashpoint #2 of 5 --  87,505 (+0.6%) [92,482]
07/2011: Flashpoint #3 of 5 --  86,007 (-1.7%)

DC’s big summer event doesn’t set the charts on fire, but its first-month numbers have been unusually solid.

Given that the relaunch was announced at the end of May, retailers had a couple of weeks to adjust their orders for issue #3, and these figures suggest that Flashpoint may have benefited from the announcement. Issue #2 also sold another 5,000 copies in July.