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The Greatest "Flash" Writers of All Time

posted Jan 7, 2015, 5:59 PM by Vu Nguyen

DC Comics
FLASH FACT: The Greatest "Flash" Writers of All Time
Posted: 01/07/2015 Marc Buxton

"The Flash" is a bona fide hit for The CW, with millions of fans thrilling to the adventures of Barry Allen as the Fastest Man Alive. The live-action series manages to bring a fresh take to the DC Comics character while paying tribute to his rich and diverse history. But that history didn't simply appear out of thin air -- some of the finest writers in comics have lent their talents to telling the adventures of several different iterations of the Scarlet Speedster.


8. Marv Wolfman

At first glance, Marv Wolfman might seem a very strange pick for one of the top Flash writers; after all, he never actually wrote an issue of "The Flash" solo series. However, he did write the respectful and heart-wrenching death of Barry Allen in "Crisis on Infinite Earths" #8. In the pages of DC's first mega-event, Wolfman crafted a suitable farewell for Allen, a moment that solidified Barry's status as a true hero and a legend.

Wolfman took Barry from the DC Universe, but in the years preceding Barry's death, Wolfman also created a suitable replacement for the classic hero. In the pages of his legendary run on "New Teen Titans," Wolfman, along with artist George Perez, took Wally West and crafted him into a rich and deep character. By the time Barry Allen was gone, DC had a replacement ready and waiting thanks to Wolfman's deft characterization of the Flash's former sidekick.