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The Unbound Interview with George Pérez – Comic Book Legend

posted Aug 1, 2017, 10:38 PM by Vu Nguyen   [ updated Aug 1, 2017, 10:43 PM ]

FETISHCON 2017 (10-13 Aug 2017)
St. Petersburg, Florida

If you’re even remotely into comics and comic books you’ll be familiar with the name George Perez. It’s kind of like if you’re remotely into late night TV you’ll know the name Letterman. George Perez is a comic book legend, and has penned and illustrated for Marvel and DC with titles including The Avengers, Teen Titans and maybe most notably and something that’s very current right now, Wonder Woman. In fact, in the fetish world Perez has become synonymous with the championing of strong, powerful women. So in this month’s Cosplay issue we figured who better to feature as the subject of our Unbound Interview?


What are your plans for the future George? Are there any new projects up your sleeve that your fans might be interested in? And will you be attending any conventions where people can come and meet you?

GPz: I’m taking it very easy at the moment, doing very little work due to some well-documented issues regarding my eyesight. A recent heart attack has also curtailed my public appearances for a while. Thankfully, my royalty income is such that I can afford not to work, so life is quite good and it’s great to draw for the simple enjoyment of it. This year’s Fetish Con will be my only convention appearance for the rest of 2017. It will do my heart good”.

George Perez will be appearing as Special Master of Ceremonies at Fetish Con 2017, August 10-13 in St Petersburg, FL.