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Update (05/19/10)

posted May 19, 2010, 1:13 AM by Vu Sleeper   [ updated May 19, 2010, 3:28 AM ]
From Vu

Melinda's memorial and interment went well. Saw some old friends and gained a ton of new friends, although I wished it was under better circumstances.

Traveling throughout Los Angeles went well, using the "always connected" 3G Ipad was pretty amazing. Some road tests we did was using google maps on the iPad to pinpoint our location (using the GPS and built-in compass) and then followed the maps (using the search feature to find restaurants).  Just imagine using a giant GPS, and you're close to our experience. 

Mobile internet - that's really the future.

As for comics, I've been using CloudReaders to read comic books. You can scan in your own books and zip it up and CloudReaders will display the pages. It's really an awesome application for being free. There are a few paid apps, but this one is near-perfect and it's free. I've only used the WiFi transfer as I cannot figure out how to use the USB option. Other formats that the software support are: PDF, CBZ, CBR and RAR format.

Some features I wish it had are folders/series and the ability to re-arrange the placement of the books - for instance, if I uploaded AVENGERS #3 before AVENGERS #1, it would show up as #3 then #1. I would love to display #1 first.

If you were waiting for a comic book e-reader, the Ipad is the best option right now, especially with its gorgeous color screen.  Unfortunately, reading on it isn't always that great because you have all these other options (games, movies, music, internet...) to distract you.  I find that I would read four or five pages and then I would check my email.

Also, I bought the 32 gig iPad because I reckon I would put 720p movies on it (these files are large, between 2 to 8 gigs depending on bitrates), but I find that I don't really need that much storage space.  Sure, it's nice to have extra space, but do yourself a favor and save $150 by getting the minimum 16gig version. You'll probably stream movies (via Netflix or ABC) rather than using the ridiculous bloatware called iTunes to transfer your movies.

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DR DOOM (2001), art by George Perez, from Andrew Allen

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