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Vibe sketch by George Perez

posted Dec 28, 2016, 10:02 PM by Vu Nguyen

VIBE (2005)
art by George Pérez 
from hobkirk2001
Here is a rarely seen Vibe sketch by George Perez... George admitted he never liked the character.

In the interview from COMICS JOURNAL #100 (Jul 1985), George said:

Perez: ... I’d like the JLA, I haven’t drawn Vibe yet, I have a certain bigotry towards Vibe, but eventually I’ll have to draw him.

Heidi MacDonald: (giggles) Not exactly your favorite character, eh?

Pérez: Oh, I sincerely say he’s the one character who turned me off the JLA. If nothing else, every character that was introduced was an ethnic stereotype. I couldn’t believe it. I said, “Come on now!” These characters required no thinking at all to write. And being Puerto Rican myself, I found the fact that they could use a Puerto Rican character quite obviously favorable since the one Puerto Rican characters in comic that existed, the White Tiger, is no longer a viable character. But having him be a break dancer! I mean, come on now. It’s like if there were only one black character in all of comics, are you going to make him…

MacDonald: A tap dancer.

Pérez: A tap dancer, a shoeshine boy? Particularly when you’re picking a stereotype that’s also a fad. You’re taking a chance that this guy is going to become very passe, his costume becomes passe because it’s a breakdance costume, the minute the fad fades.