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Westfield's Top Ten Comics for January 2011

posted Jan 26, 2011, 12:43 PM by Vu Sleeper

10 Things I Find Reasonable About January ‘11 Comics (and a couple I don’t)
by KC Carlson

A funny thing happened as I was preparing to write this column…

I’m short on time these days, as I’m preparing for a trip away from home, and I’m attempting to get about a bazillion things done before I leave (you know the drill). So I decided to multi-task and do my pre-writing research flip though Previews while I was watching the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. At first, reading through the latest monthly solicitations while chilling out to The Roots and John Legend was working out fine.


6. Archie: 50 Times an American Icon: Similar to the Hero Initiative’s previous Ultimate Spider-Man #100 Project, this new collection brings together over 50 contemporary comic artists (often in surprising combinations) to celebrate the historic Archie Wedding (1 groom, 2 brides, and all “imaginary”). Charged with drawing their version of Archie and his friends on a blank Archie #600 template, the artists have instead gone beyond the Archie wedding to depict the characters as superheroes (George Pérez, Mark McKenna, and more), rock stars (Cliff Chiang, Ben Dewey), and icons (“three on a straw” by John Romita Sr. inked by Todd McFarlane!). Plus, Joseph Michael Linsner draws Betty, and we witness the first professional work of new 17-year-old artist Rachel Ordway when she teams up with her dad Jerry. Plus, there is an actual wedding cover as Jughead marries ???! Other contributors include Sam Keith, Bill Sienkiewicz, and even the Archie wedding artist himself — Stan Goldberg! Plus, you get the history-making Archie #600 story! All proceeds go to the Hero Initiative, which assists comics creators in need.