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Why the 1980s Were Wonder Woman's Greatest Era

posted Jul 13, 2017, 6:21 AM by Vu Nguyen

WONDER WOMAN #20 (Sep 1988)
DC Comics
Recently it has been rumored that the sequel to this summer’s smash hit Wonder Woman from director Patty Jenkins will not take place in the present day, but would be a “Cold War era adventure” set during the 1980s. So why is this a good idea, aside from the glorious hair, wardrobe and soundtrack choices this shift in time periods could provide us? Well, you might not realize it, but the ’80s was an absolutely glorious decade for our Amazing Amazon.

In fact, the modern version of Wonder Woman, which has been reflected not only in Gal Gadot’s performance but also in other recent incarnations like the Justice League Unlimited animated series, owes almost everything  to the 1986 Wonder Woman reboot by George Perez. If the 1940s was Wonder Woman’s “Golden Age”, then the ’80s were definitely the second golden age for Diana.


But they weren’t the only ones. Wonder Woman also had a publicist, a go-getter “business woman of the ’80s” named Myndi Mayer, who was ruthless when it came to getting Wonder Woman’s name out to the public and making her a household word, but underneath it all, had her heart in the right place. She helped Diana form the Wonder Woman Foundation, an organization whose goal it was to help women, especially those in domestic violence situations. Myndi was 100% different from the altruistic Amazons Diana grew up with, but she formed a real bond with her all the same. Eventually, we were introduced to the character of Myndi’s younger gay brother Kevin, who was outcast from his family except by his sister. It was one of the first times homophobia had ever been directly addressed in a mainstream superhero comic.

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