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Win the new Jim Lee Deathstroke Bust from DC Collectibles

posted Jan 25, 2015, 2:38 PM by Vu Nguyen

DC Direct
If you don't mind getting emails from Warner Brothers, you can sign up to win a bunch of statues and action figures, including the recent the Deathstroke Bust. Head over to to register for the contest.  The contest is in celebration of DC Collectiables' 250k "likes".  NOTE: contest ends 06 Feb 2015.

DC Collectibles: Win a Collection of Amazing Statues and Action Figures

Fri, 01/23/2015 - 10:00am Author: Tim Beedle

For DC Collectibles and DC Collectors, the past few years have been pretty great. Not only are we producing a more diverse and all encompassing selection of statues and action figures than ever before, but we’ve done it while really getting to know our fans, both at conventions and on our Facebook page.


We thought that might pique your interest. We’ll be honest, it piqued our interest too. In fact, never before have we been so frustrated that DC employees are ineligible to enter one of our sweepstakes. But who could blame us when the prize is made up of the following must-have collectibles?

  • DC Comics Bombshells: Hawkgirl Statue
  • Wonder Woman: Art of War: Wonder Woman by Cliff Chiang Statue
  • DC Comics Designer Series 3: Batgirl and Zero Year Batman Action Figures
  • DC Comics Super Villains: Deathstroke Bust by Jim Lee
  • The Sandman: Overture Statue
  • DC Comics – The New 52: Justice League Action Figures 7-Pack Box Set

One lucky fan can win it all in what we’re calling the DC Collectibles 250,000 Facebook Likes Thank You Sweepstakes.