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Wonder of Wonders #9: The 12 Triumphs of Wonder Woman Day

posted Oct 24, 2009, 9:08 AM by Vu Sleeper

The 12 Triumphs of Wonder Woman Day
By Andy Mangels

Poster for Wonder Woman Day IV

Mythology is full of trials for the heroes, often involving quests and monsters, lions and many-headed hydras, and occasionally, the cleaning of very stinky stables. Readers may recall the latter as one of Hercules' (or Heracles', if you like) vaunted 12 Labors. But in the end, the hero, quite naturally, triumphs.


12 - The Birth of An Idea

Never having given birth to a baby, nor even sculpted one out of clay and asked the gods to breathe life into it, I can't know the pains involved in that process. But Wonder Woman Day was created in 2006 as a way to incorporate three parts of my life into one fun event. I've raised thousands of dollars for charity over the years with various events and campaigns, including $7,000 for CBLDF with my book, The George Perez Archives. But that was the only element of my charity work that directly touched on comics (excepting work with the non-profit PRISM Comics). And although George nicely drew me on the cover to that book with my head touching Wonder Woman, I hadn't incorporated my love for the character, or my immense collection, into charity work either.

When a Canadian TV series called FANatical contacted me to do a show about my collection, and me, they asked if I had involved Wonder Woman in my charity work. This spurred me to gel all of the elements together and create the first Wonder Woman Day. Hundreds of hours of work later, and thanks to the donated work of over a hundred comic artists, $15,405.33 was raised for two Portland, Oregon, Domestic Violence shelters at the debut event.