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Wonderverse episode to premier on DC Universe Online on July 30

posted Jul 22, 2020, 4:46 PM by Vu Sleeper

DC UNIVERSE ONLINE (Game) (11 Jan 2011)
Daybreak Studios
Created by DCUO artist Megan Cheever, the below image is inspired by George Perez's work on 1985/1986's Crisis on Infinite Earths, specifically multiple Earths lined up into infinity. From left to right, the five Wonder Women are Bombshell Diana, who is inspired by Ant Lucia's World War II-style pin-up artwork; Red Son Wonder Woman, who is based off the version of Diana of Themyscira that appeared in the 2003 Elseworlds tale Superman: Red Son; Nubia, the Wonder Woman of Earth-23; the DCUO's Wonder Woman, who mentors players in the gameworld; and finally, Flashpoint Wonder Woman/Queen Diana, who appeared prominently in 2011's Flashpoint crossover. "Wonderverse" releases July 30.