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October 9, 2002 | Pérez in The Lost Boys [ News ]

From Andy Mangels

[George Perez] Perez in The Lost Boys (Pic 1 - large file)

Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 17:31:37 EDT

Many years ago, my very first published work was in Focus on George Perez from Fantagraphics in 1985.

In 1987, I was sitting in a movie theatre, watching the vampire film The Lost Boys, which features two kids known as "The Frog Brothers" who work in their parents' comic book shop on the pier haunted by the vamps. Lots of comics were featured (including some New Teen Titans issues in a few shots) but one very familiar cover showed up in not one, not two, but THREE different spots in the film! Since Focus on George Perez had a recognizable cover, and the first time was the best view, I shouted out "There's my book!" in the theatre, then glowed about it the rest of the film.

Now, admittedly, it's not like any of the characters picked it up, nor that it was "focused on" (so to speak), but it was THERE.

Yesterday, I got a DVD screen capture tool, so I quickly snapped several decent shots of scenes from the film. For those who don't HAVE the book, it's the yellow cover with the big red lettering which says "George Perez."

Those of you on the GeorgePerez2 list won't get the attachment, but Vu has my permission to post these pics and this letter to the website if he'd like, so you can see them there.

How's THAT for Perez obscura?

    May 22, 2010 2:21 PM

From Vu
Just a quickie since this iPad ability to edit text isn't as full-featured as a desktop version. I wanted to say that it was a surprise to watch my favorite series FRINGE to see CRISIS #7 in the background. In this alternate Earth, Superman died in the arms of Supergirl). You can read more details on the Source DC blog. (images to come later).
Human Target explains Crisis on Infinite Earths
    Feb 4, 2010 1:04 AM
From Ilke

Tonight's episode of Human Target featured a character disguised as a monk talking about Crisis on Infinite Earths, likening Flash to Jesus in his death and subsequent resurrection.  The cover of Crisis #7 (Superman holding Supergirl) was shown.

From Vu


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According to  Episode #4 will air on (overseas will have to use a proxy to view this US-based website).

Human Target (2010) :: Sanctuary (01x04)
Production Number:     2J5155
Original Airdate:     Wednesday February 03rd, 2010

Episode Crew
Director:     Sanford Bookstaver (1)
Writer:     Kalinda Vazquez

Episode Summary
Chance must protect a reformed thief being chased by his former accomplices as they try to retrieve religious artifacts that have been stashed in a Canadian monastery.

Main Cast
• Mark Valley    played    Christopher Chance
• Chi McBride    played    Winston
• Jackie Earle Haley    played    Guerrero

Guest Stars
• Sam Huntington    played    John Gray     
• William Mapother    played    Sam Fisher     
• Peter Bryant (1)    played    Abbot Stevens