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Wonder Woman Annual #1 available on digital now

posted Jan 20, 2018, 9:01 PM by Vu Nguyen

WONDER WOMAN ANNUAL #1 (Digital) (18 Jan 2018)
DC Comics
Wonder Woman (1987-2006) Annual #1

“AMAZONS.” Countless photographs and stories recounted from Diana’s visit to Themyscira. “THE DIVING BIRD.” Julia and Vanessa witness the Dive of the Nereids! “DUST.” While the Kapatelises amuse themselves with Themyscira's horses, Queen Hippolyte recounts to Diana the story of Hypsipyle. Plus, “INTO THE WORLD GO FORTH” and “FLIGHT OF THE ICARUS.”

Written by George Perez
Pencils Arthur Adams, Ross Andru, Brian Bolland, John Bolton, Mark Farmer, More...
Inks Arthur Adams, Will Blyberg, John Bolton, Mark Farmer, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, More...
Colored by Carl Gafford
Cover by George Perez, John Stracuzzi
Page Count 42 Pages
Print Release Date August 9 1988
Digital Release Date January 18 2018