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Writer/artist Tania Sperlonga thanked George Perez in getting her first Kickstarter book for TRISTELLA printed

posted Sep 28, 2019, 1:58 PM by Vu Nguyen
Tania Sperlonga writes:

Mission Accomplished!
My first #kickstarter and first art and book project is DONE! ✅

It has been a long journey. Almost a year. It has been wonderful and completely exhausting.

3 books in 3 languages. English / French / Italian

First, thank you to Lorenzo Sperlonga for your guidance, love and inspiration.

Second, thank you to those who helped editing the text in all those languages Betty Stafford Smith Claudio Sperlonga , Alexandre Augsburger Márquez Maude Vom Fass and Sophie Tralala

Now that all 3 books are finished and on their way to get printed. All of my friends and family will be able to read a version no matter where they live and what language they speak.
I really wanted to include them all and I am so happy 😁 it was possible.

Finally, a VERY BIG thank you to everyone who participated to the kickstarter campaign (all 60! Of you) online and for those offline as well and helped raise all the money needed to print the first 500 copies of the book in English. You were incredible!! I can’t thank you enough.

A very final special thank you to George Perez Website for your generous help straight for the beginning. Thank you for believing in my project!

I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friends.
This really is a dream come true!

Have a wonderful night and weekend