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X-Axis "not really feeling this" for Flashpoint: Secret Seven #3

posted Aug 7, 2011, 3:46 PM by Vu Sleeper

The X-Axis – 7 August 2011
Posted on Sunday, August 7, 2011 by Paul in x-axis

No podcast this week, but regular listeners will surely want to check out our special bonus video thing, one post down.  Thanks again to the Thumbcast for actually making the video.

But now, this week’s comics.  It’s a week relatively light on X-books, and big on interesting new releases – I’m sure we’ll come back to one or two of these on next week’s podcast.  (Any suggestions, stick them in the comments thread.)


Flashpoint: Secret Seven #3 - I’m not really feeling this one either.  George Perez is of course far too busy working on the September relaunch to draw this, so we get fill-in art from Fernando Blanco and Scott Koblish – which is perfectly acceptable, but not George Perez.  More fundamentally, this story about the Secret Seven self-destructing doesn’t really work as a self-contained plot.  The basic idea is that the Enchantress is a traitor and she’s manipulating Shade’s powers so as to trick everyone into killing one another (except for Abra Kadabra, who just walked out).  But since the Secret Seven were never shown to be a particularly significant, or effective, or even ever-functional-in-the-first-place group, there’s no real sense of tragedy in them falling apart – and I honestly have no idea what the subplot about Abra going public had to do with anything, unless it shows up somewhere else in the crossover.  Conceivably this could be setting up something for Justice League Dark - even as foreshadowing for the idea that anyone who follows Shade in the new book is probably going to wind up dead – but as a story in its own right, it’s not very satisfying.