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You risk losing your comics if you send it out to get graded or signed

posted Apr 19, 2020, 6:13 AM by Vu Sleeper
From Vu

AGENTS OF SLABS (Private Signing) (10 May 2020)
With the recent CGC's George Perez private signing offering, I wanted to remind fans that you take the risk of losing your comic book. My condolences to this person losing his valuable comic book.

[Name redacted] writes:

[Names Redacted] are probably the worst comic book shop owners I’ve ever had to deal with. I submitted my Amazing Spiderman 129 to be signed and graded. Without my knowledge they re-wrote my invoice with the wrong address which ultimately resulted in my book being lost. this book was signed three times and graded at 9.6 which put it in about $12-$15,000 value range. the owners offered me No apology, no remorse, no compensation or refund in anyway. Needless to say I will never do business with them again and hope to never come into contact with them again unless they want to do the right thing and compensate me for their mistakes.